2014 Mercedes S Class Revealed

(Photo source: Autoblog & GTSpirit)

Pictures of the brand new Mercedes S Class have surfaced this afternoon. No longer veiled with an abundance of masking tape, we’re not quite sure whether the S Class’s newly found styling really hits the mark.  At some angles it seems really understated, if not disappointing and, call us crazy, but its side profile makes the tail-lights appear as if lifted from a BMW 6 series Grancoupe. It’s been 8 years since the current model was released and expectations are definitely running high for the highly anticipated refresh of the flagship S class. Whether this design is good enough to fill that void that Mercedes has created by holding out for so long is not certain. And so begins the waiting game for this car to begin hitting the road.

As far as Qatar is concerned, Nasser Bin Khalid (NBK) has begun accepting down payments for the new S class which, as far as we know, will set you back 100,000QR. First deliveries will arrive in September and will be limited to S500 models only. Models with smaller engine capacities are rumored to arrive in December 2013.